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Download Eclipse, download the SDK, install ADT in Eclipse, point Eclipse to the SDK, download the last APIs from Google… I have no idea how many times I had to repeat this process on my machines, enough to go crazy!

So, to improve the trainings we do at Catdroid and to not have to repeat this ever again, I made a .zip where you’ll find an Eclipse 3.5 with ADT, the Android SDK  version 7, and a workspace with some code examples.

You only have to download the .zip clicking this link and unzip it in your C: unit. The application will be placed at C:/Catdroid/eclipse/eclipse.exe

What are the licences of this Eclipse?

Each product has its own license.

Eclipse: http://www.eclipse.org/legal/epl/notice.php

Android SDK: http://developer.android.com/sdk/terms.html

It works in all platforms?

No, it only works on Windows.

I just downloaded the .zip, what’s the next step?

Unzip it at your C: drive. You have to get a folder tree like the schema. EAt the eclipse folder you’ll have the eclipse.exe application. Run it and, when it prompts you about the workspace, set it to the workspace folder.

Could I use Subversion from this Eclipse?

Yes, but you have to install this plugin: http://kcy.me/156a

I’m using Windows 7, and I’m having troubles starting the emulator.

There is a problem with the creation of emulators on Windows 7. ÀlexMarlés y EsteveAguilera helped us resolving it in this forum thread.

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